About Josh Hinkle & “Living Off The Air”

about-josh-kxanAs a Multi Platform Reporter for KXAN-TV, I spend my day going in so many directions (shooting, editing, writing, uploading, Flipcamming, snapping photos) I find time and space on TV are scarce. I meet a lot of unique and unusual people in some of the strangest and most inspiring circumstances in central Texas. I created “Living Off The Air” to share the rest of the experience off camera and behind the scenes. I hope it conveys a more complete picture for you.

Beyond this blog, you can also follow me on Twitter or contact me by E-mail.



  1. Hi Josh,
    Thank you for following me on Twitter. I am from Philadelphia, PA and I find it fascinating that people can follow people from all over the country where it may enhance their business and their lives. Thank you again.
    Joe Scanlon

  2. Josh,
    Thank you for taking the time to not only follow me on Twitter but to answer back when I’ve replied to you. Not everyone at KCRG has taken the time to respond back. I applaud your efforts
    Again, Thanks
    STEVe Nibbelink (aka Vulcan Stev)

  3. […] About Josh Hinkle & “Living Off The Air” Posted by: Josh Hinkle | April 14, 2009 […]

  4. Wow! You “tweet”, you blog, and now you’re (back) close to Oklahoma.

    It’s fun to see the technology that you use to do your work; the Web is truly a playground.

    Did you read your feature in the WW Gazette?

  5. Yes, I saw the Gazette! Pretty cool. Nice to hear from you!

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